I love hookers - let’s just get that out there. I love sex workers of all kinds. I love what they do, and I want the law and society to protect them - not protect girls/boys from sex work. To be clear, this is not the same as trafficking or forced prostitution. It’s the oldest profession, so give it some respect - there are a lot of hookers out there who love their job, they are good at their job, and they deserve a little praise.  Like Alona here.

She’s a good girl, an freelancer working out of a bar in Manila that allows the independent girls to work. The product isn’t guaranteed, but the bar just makes its money on beer and food, so there’s no weird pressure to close the deal. I met Alona on my way to Nepal in ‘07, negotiated a couple hours with her at the love motel, and had a very good time. I paid her asking rate for 3 reasons: a) It’s the Philippines, so she’s asking for a lousy $30-$40, not for a beejay, for 2 hours of fucking, sucking, cumming - it’s a bargain; b) she’s selling her body, that’s amazing to me so don’t try and squeeze her down, especially when she’s in her prime like this, she’s worth it; and c) I pay it all and I tip on top of it because no matter who the girl I’m fucking is, I am her last customer of the night, even if it’s still daylight when we fuck.

I break little girls. I let them feel my cock in the bar before we close the deal, not for a freebie, but so they know what’s going to happen. Most Euro-girls aren’t ready for an 8 inch girth, but these little Asian twists are in for a revelatory experience. I’m going to stretch them until they see stars and their little legs go numb, and I’m going to fuck until I’m done.  I will wreck her money maker for at least a day, so I compensate them for their lost income. Because I like hookers and I respect what they do - it’s perhaps the last honest trade. Thanks for a great afternoon, Alona. You are a pro in all the good ways.




My god….

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Our closest friends held a “Welcome Home” party for us last Friday night.  It was meant to be 5 couples, but in the last days before the party, 3 of the couples turned into single guys. It was just some bad luck - they are good dudes who share their girls with close friends, but this turned into a bad week.  So my wife and my best friend’s wife were the only girls at the swordfight. Luckily, these guys are good friends; we’ve played and shared before, so it wasn’t awkward - we just took our turns and waited politely.  This pic is me bullwhipping my wife, before fucking her best friend. My wife spent the evening blowing our friends, getting beat by M and me for being a cocksucking whore, and finishing out the night realizing that she needs to spend more time with her buttplug in, because she knows how I get around 4am.

I’ve got a lot more to post, just on this night - but I need to get the pictures from the other guy’s cameras to tell the story.  Or maybe there’s no need to tell the story.  This is me, whipping my girl, with friends. My wife is hot, she sexy as hell, and I can share her with my friends because I still fuck her better than anyone else.

Also, after law school, my belly is looking a bit too round. Fix that.

Earlier in the evening, we needed a fluffer for a scene in the back room. The host recommended this girl, said she was a party favor, played well, did as she was told. I hadn’t spoken to her as of yet, but I asked if she could fluff some cocks for a scene in the bedroom. She nodded and followed me back - did some good work, sucked any cock presented to her, and stayed focused on the job, so we could do the scene.

Later on, we were more fucked up and my wife and I wanted to get dirty with each other, so I grabbed her again. I don’t recall if I asked her if anal was available, or if I told her I wanted to fuck her asshole, but however it was negotiated, I was pounding her rectum while telling my furiously masturbating wife how good she felt.

This was after, relaxing on the big bean bag chair, watching wife flog someone. I found my camera and wanted to see that nice, pink fuckhole that had stretched so nicely around my dick. Here it is. It felt as good as it looks.

 - T.

I finished law school in December, now I’m studying for the Bar. Shit just doesn’t end. We didn’t have a lot of great parties in Houston - but a few decent ones.  Not enough to keep us here. Next week, we pack up and move back to Phoenix. It’s always been home for us.

So here are some things that have happened and I took a picture.  This was one of our 2 or 3 attempts at having a serious fuckfest. I’ve got two cockpigs on my dick for about 30 minutes, sucking and rimming, sloppy fucked up girl (deepthroat champion) and her crossdressing sissy boyfriend wallowing in cock. The part I recall fondly is when she was going down to rim me, I asked him if she had ever done this for him. He looked a little forlorn and shook his head. Once she started on my ass, I assured him that she’s done this before, probably to a lot of guys (just not him). He then watched her do it for a little bit before I forced him back down on my cock. Then I told her to teach him how to do it as well as she does. He did ok, but she was a girl with a long tongue and no pride. Also, only one of two people who have every given me a flawless deepthroat.

I’m sorry to say that neither of them ended up well. I take my friendships seriously, and I do not think of my casual sex partners as disposable. I prefer to keep fuckbuddies close enough that I can remain a part of their lives. I don’t divide the two sides of my existence - married family man starting a new career in law, versus drug using, fat cock minotaur demanding fresh ass. Most of the people who’ve sucked my cock have also been over for family dinner - so long as they can hold it together.

Some people’s lives are too chaotic. Some people cannot contain their drama, and some are dragged against their will into the damage and chaos of others. I’m sorry that these two are no longer close friends, for very different reasons. The guy is still around, and I’d like to care for him, if he were only capable of making good choices. The girl is not around. If the boy is telling me the truth, she was killed in an act of violence about a year after we had our party together.

I realize the cognitive dissonance that occurs when I am introducing the tragic story along with a picture of startling carnality - a sweaty mass of total inebriated hedonism, brought down by the revelation that this young woman is now dead. It’s not meant to be a lesson, it’s not intended to fuck with your ideas, fantasies, or perceptions. I didn’t know her beyond this short time surrounding this party - and then school got intense and I didn’t hear from him for a while, and then they broke up. Much later, he told me what happened to her.

I still jerk off to the memory of that night, and what we did together. Her, him, me, my wife - all playing together, enjoying it. At first I wasn’t sure that was ok. But that’s the only memory I have of her, and I liked it. I think she had a good time with us, too. Am I prevented from enjoying the memory of my night with her, because of what came later? I have decided, no. I’m going to enjoy the memory, and I’m going to talk about the strange feelings that evokes. Because life, even the dirty fuckpiles we make on occasion, is never simple.

- T.


I can hubby. I can picture you in my mind, doing anything I ask of you. It is sexy as hell.

Reposting because I know the cross-dresser in this picture. A thoughtful, interesting person and great cock sucker.


I can hubby. I can picture you in my mind, doing anything I ask of you. It is sexy as hell.

Reposting because I know the cross-dresser in this picture. A thoughtful, interesting person and great cock sucker.

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This was an interesting night.  Expensive hotel room, wife and girlfriend, and a lot of lube.

In our cuckquean adventures, wife has learned that she is capable of more degrading humiliation when she is in a disguise - like a mask, or in this case a hood and body suit. When she feels her face is hidden, she loses what little inhibitions she may have had left, and will do things like, in this picture, orally lubricate the asshole of a hot schoolteacher before she gets my cock. And that was just the beginning.

I’m sorry we couldn’t take more pictures - even this one made her very nervous.  I don’t blame her.  When you are a kindergarten teacher, sex pics are risky - she wouldn’t just get fired, she might make the local news. So we took this one with her face hidden, and spent the next 3 hours engaged in some of the dirtiest sex I’ve ever seen, including what I watch in porn. The highlight for all three of us was fucking the teachers ass for a second time, with wife underneath, watching up close while I pound this toned little ass, until I came hard inside her sucking asshole. Then, while still pumping out seed, I slid out of the schoolteacher’s ass and into the open, waiting mouth of my wife. Wife cleaned my cock, then cleaned the teacher’s ass.

Teacher couldn’t stay the night, so wife and I cleaned up and snuggled until morning, enjoying the expensive sheets and ignoring the lube, spit, squirt, cumstains all around us. My wife is amazing, hot, brave, and the best partner I could imagine having. And not just because of nights like this.


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I’m reblogging this because I have this model Underwood.



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I’m reblogging this because I have this model Underwood.

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This is love.

Reposting to watch over and over.

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This was… 6 months ago?  I think?  The girl isn’t a part of our close circle anymore, but the guy who took the picture is.  The guy is the submissive of my wife (the girl on bottom), and it’s really convenient having an extra guy when I’ve got two or more girls to take care of.  Here’s why: if I have two or three girls to play with, I take a lot of responsibility for their fun.  So if a girl is not in the current play, I feel like she’s being neglected and I may hurry what I’m doing.  This is especially true with three girls, but still comes up with two.  Having a submissive guy means that he will perform some oral service on the girl not currently in play, and I know she’s enjoying the break and I can enjoy what I’m doing without feeling the need to rush.

Also, law school is kicking my ass, so apologies for long periods with no posting.

 - T.

Slap. pic from earlier this summer.

I get more than my fair share of ass. Hers is still my favorite.

friend, wife, and slave

figure out which is whom

A few months ago. Self shot. Bad angle.

This was at one of Docker’s parties, out in way east Houston. Wife was busy or out of town - something, I don’t recall why, but I took wife’s girlfriend with me. Started out fun but got weird - and not good weird. Like I did something to offend the host, but we couldn’t figure out what it was. Not a huge loss - I liked Docker, but his wife was too shy and/or just not into me, and the rest of his guest list did not know how to behave at a fuck party. Somehow, I like this picture.

Getting ready to do a suspension fuck at HEAT in Houston.

That’s D in the rope. She’s old friends with Sol, the guy doing the tie, assisted by one of the HEAT regulars in leather. D asked if I would fuck her while in the suspension tie, and I was happy to assist. In this pic, the guys are getting her tie balanced and my wife’s gf is sucking my cock so I can be ready to jump in.

I’d like to note that this kind of thing is really complicated. There were around 40 to 50 people at this event, just milling around and talking about insurance rates and the weather; most people don’t know how to be a good sex-show audience. Also, getting the pussy at the right height is a challenge. She was a little high once I got started fucking her - I think the rope shifted a little, slipping her head down an inch, and her cunt up about the same amount. Now I’m on tippy-toes in combat boots fucking the performance art. The hoist guy got the message, and lowered her about 5 inches, so now I’m in a slight knee-bend, still fucking. I don’t ask them to move D anymore, because it’s getting worse each time someone tries to make it better.  But none of us had ever done this before, and based on that, it was a huge success.

But I like this pic. The calm before the chaos. I also like that the fluffer wasn’t dressed for kink, she was in her work clothes, just a sweater and modest skirt, but she was happy to get my cock hard for the sake of art. I should also note that when I was asked to do this, I didn’t know where my wife had gone to. She was working on a subbie boy or something, but when she came back to the main room, this was already going on. She liked what we were doing, but I made a mistake in not fully checking in with her before starting. It’s not that I can’t do any of this, but wife doesn’t like surprises.  And I like being married to wife, so since this occurrence, I always check in with her before doing performance art fucking in public.

Good party.  Danielle stayed in the suspension tie for nearly an hour - time enough for three of us to work her over.   One of my favorites to play with.

This was one of the pics her photographer took of the performance art piece we did, detailed in another post.

 - T.